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A guide to biodiversity in your garden

Career Highlight

Company: Pam Golding Properties

Role: Graphic Designer

Project: Brochure – Guide to Biodiversity in your Garden

Ask: Cover & Layout Design, Source Imagery & Prepare for Print

Product: 40 page brochure. Landscape style

Challenge: Produce it from only a word document.

This ended up being one of my favourite projects while working at Pam Golding Properties as a graphic designer. I was given full design range and was tasked to spec the style of brochure, pagination, overall design as well as source the relevant images. From the client, I received a .word document emailed to me and needed to conceptualize the full product from beginning to print.

The challenge with the image sourcing was that this was a scientifically specific manuscript that called for accuracy as well as beauty.

We had one meeting together with the client and I was asked to turn the project around within a week, including preparing the brochure for print, which entails intense repro and a deep understanding of how to collate a design and prepare it for printing. This mostly includes being able to work with printers directly and make sure that the technical specs are correct for colouration, fonts and pagination.

When our client received the printed brochure for his event, he was beyond thrilled. I don’t think he ever expected that someone would show so much integrity and transform his technical words into a clear visual creation. A tangible book, he could share and be immensely proud of. This is the reason I do what I do, the happiness of my clients keeps me wanting more!

Here is the FULL BROCHURE for you to see,

Download PDF • 13.78MB

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy designing!

Till next time x

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