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a little about me...

I am Kristen Barrett. I am a remote & freelance graphic designer and have been in the creative industry for 15+ years. 

I am originally from South Africa and have recently immigrated back to Germany, but this time 20 years wiser and with my husband and son.

The ever evolving brief.

To grow and learn and develop your skills is essential in this industry. My focus is taking a natural evolution towards branding and the eventual, brand strategy.  

This site is not only to showcase who I am as a design professional, but to highlight and share within my blog some key insights and learnings I have gained over the years of working within corporate structures as well as on my own. The challenges and wins I have gained as a graphic designer, both remotely and corporately, as a freelance graphic designer and a business owner.

This site is a journey through my creative learnings. 

It is my callout to myself that at the sweet age of 40, I am no longer a student in the industry, but a professional with something to share. I aim to add value to the industry I am truly passionate about. Brand design.

My husband always asks me, ‘what would you do if you won the lottery?’…and amongst the obvious desire for adventure…I answer, I would I still work.

I am not only a graphic designer, I am a creative, and I will always create. To be able to monetize this passion, has been my greatest business achievement. 

Do what you love, and the money will follow. 

Kristen x

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