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Don't limit yourself

We all have those days when our negative thinking can get the better of us and sadly get in the way of our creative process....

The moment you begin to design and you catch a glimpse of negative thinking…or

Stinking Thinking... your thoughts…

what you think may be logic? – can sometimes be pre-programmed limiting beliefs.

You could be in the middle of your creative process and you can literally hear your mind saying things like

“…no-one will read this”..

“what do you know?”...

“Someone else is already doing it.”….

”What if no-one likes it…”

Stop yourself right there.

Break that autoplay sequence and battle the odds.

Dig deep and keep producing,

keep creating,

keep writing,

keep doodling,

keep sketching.

Maybe even sometimes, walk away from the moment, get some fresh air, open your heart, relax your mind and return again with a fresh perspective.

Continue to design with intention and never give up!

Find your reset button and never stop believing!

Kristen x

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