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First. Believe in Yourself!

I had a few weeks of pure creative-energy, my content was flying out with effortless ease.

Last week… I hit a wall and I could not identify it. I felt like whatever I was doing was never enough. I felt despondent for all the non-reactions to my uploads, posts, blogs. I started making myself aware of all my failures, the effort I should add more of, the energy I should put more in to, the work I should do more of. To be honest, it felt like a baby burn-out. All spiralling from self-doubt and questioning my self-worth and comparing myself to others.

There is one technique that most of the greats tell you to do and that is to mirror people who inspire you and find mentors. Find people doing what you want to do, and follow their strengths. The truth is, when you feel in a strong state of mind, this is no problem, you are not threatened, you are inspired…the more you begin to take notes of their successes, it seems the quicker you begin to compare it to your lack-there-of…All is fine, but you keep traveling on this path until...maybe you have a bad day and then it snowballs right over you and suddenly you are frozen by how far away from your goal you feel.

So what now….

I stepped away from the computer. I cleaned my house. I went for a walk. I sat quietly and stared into nowhere. I watched funny videos. I nestled into Netflix. I wanted to be alone. I was overly sensitive to criticism and my mind was literally full of unfulfilling thoughts. Nothing in my mind was feeding me creatively. In this space, this it is not where you want, nor need to be.

What hit me today is…

Be true to yourself. Seriously…DO YOU BOO!

What makes YOU magical is your personal take on all that surrounds you and all you have learnt, challenged and manifested. What makes you YOU, IS your USP. This is the best part. That you ARE different to the rest and in a different place. In this space, is perspective. With this space, is your creative intelligence all accumulated into your experience and your magic.

Learn from others, YES. But don’t try to be like others.

I am constantly challenged with a strong power in my life, telling me the way it should be done. It makes me speed wobble sometimes, because the mistakes are not mine and therefore being accountable to them is so much more difficult. (accountability on its own, is never easy). I can ask and learn, but ultimately the final call must be mine and I would need to own it. As with my successes.

I feel like sometimes, when someone sees a potential in you or they care so much they don’t want to see you hurt. They tend to try to take the wheel for you and navigate your next move. The issue is, one day you will have to take your own wheel and are you equipped to handle the quick turns and navigate your own way. Have you built that inner dialogue that asks the right questions and is prepared to solve problems and create solutions. If not, your first reaction is usually blame…and honestly, “Ain’t no-body got time for that!”

Be your own mascot, believe in yourself first and foremost and keep pushing on! This is the bottom line!

Kristen x

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