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What's in a name

For many of us, coming up with our company name is like mining Gold, complex and with many layers. For some, it is as easy as picking a ripe apple from a tree. 

The name of your brand is

“…quite possibly your brands greatest asset…”

according to Fabian Geyrhalter, author of the book How to launch a brand.

Fabian deep dives into ‘naming’ in chapter two of his book where he goes on to say that…

“Consumers are seeking more than just a product, they are seeking to connect with your brand on an emotional level…”

Here are some of the elements I work through when a client asks me to work with them on conceptualising a name for their company, project or startup.

Asking the right questions and understanding certain key criteria can help exceptionally during the creative process.

Example Company:

Category – Short & Long Term Rentals

1. Get creative & begin conceptualising

Take out a pen & paper and find a space where you can have the least distractions. Throw out these questions and just write down any words that come to mind.

Some ideas to get you started can be:

  1. The person - Who is the person that (rents)

  2. The action - The act of (renting)

  3. The feeling - How should it make the (renter) feel

2. Then ask….

  1. Is it easy to say?

  2. Is it easy to understand?

  3. Does it relate to your service you provide?

  4. Is it catchy & appealing?

  5. Would your customers connect with the name?

If you are still in the green and you have a few names that are resonating with you,

Then lets see…

3. Does the name already exist?

Go through a few sources and do some research! For example:

  1. Visit Domain search platforms – my favourite go to is Xneelo (You will get an answer straight away if the site is available or not! If it is, you have a fighting chance!)

  2. Google - type in the desired name, see what comes up.

  3. Facebook – search your desired name and see what kind of content you see.

  4. Instagram – see if any hashtags exist on this name or if a handle exists?

Once you feel confident and have shortlisted some names that you know are good to go…

It’s time to do some low key market research

4. Ask your friends and family (people you trust) Then,

5. Make the decision  AND THEN of course,

Call your designer ;)

When finding your way through this matrix, I have found that staying tapped in to the people and companies that inspire you, will give you a great advantage as they share their insights via platforms like:




Ted Talks

You will find, there are so many name drops, book titles, links and resources you can follow when you begin to researching, how to come up with you perfect name.

So, good-luck and enjoy the process, it’s the biggest step to an exciting new adventure!

Kristen x

Who is Fabian Geyrhalter

Born in Vienna, Austria, Brand Strategist and Creative Director Fabian Geyrhalter is a prolific author and speaker on the subject of branding. He is the Founder and Principal of Los Angeles-based brand consultancy ​FINIEN​, where he works hands-on with startups of any size and age on crafting strategic, verbal, and visual brand clarity.

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